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The audience watches a video presentation during Raising the Roof to Celebrate Fair Housing.

Raising the Roof to Celebrate Fair Housing

This special event honored the 55th anniversary of the federal Fair Housing Act and recognized local organizations working to realize the vision of fair housing opportunity for all.


Student Design Challenge

Local high school students engaged in a friendly competition to design an affordable housing solution in pursuit of scholarship funds. This event was presented by ASK Studio.

Alyssa Adcock (right) of Ankeny High School was this year's top prize winner. She is shown with her instructor Mark Schmidt.

Landlord Forum

This year's free educational event for property owners and managers focused on fair and inclusive housing practices. This event was presented by City of Des Moines Civil and Human Rights.


Affordable Housing Week Symposium


If we want housing in our community to be more affordable, we need to reduce barriers and adopt policies to increase the supply and diversity of housing being built. More and more cities are reconsidering their land use and development policies with an eye on meeting the demands of today's market. We explored how even modest reforms to policies and zoning—together with regional collaboration—open up new housing choices that are desirable and attainable for people and families across Greater Des Moines. This event was presented by AARP Iowa.


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