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Advocate for Housing

Meeting the region's need for affordable housing requires public investment and effective partnerships between the public and private sectors. Here, you can learn about public policy efforts to support housing progress.

Affordable housing policy can be complicated and finance oriented. We are here to help surface some of the most important programs and policy issues.

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State Policy

The second session of the 90th General Assembly is underway in Des Moines.


Learn about important state government housing programs and pending legislation.

Iowa's State Housing Trust Fund

Managed by the Iowa Finance Authority, the State Housing Trust Fund is one of Iowa's most flexible sources of local housing funding. In the FY2024 funding round, the SHTF distributed $11.2 million to the 26 local housing trust funds that serve Iowa, including PCHTF.

Program website:

Most recent funding information:

The State Housing Trust Fund is one of the largest funding sources for the Polk County Housing Trust Fund. Learn more about how we are funded.

Facts to know

  • Since the legislature created it in 2003, the State Housing Trust Fund has distributed $123.6 million benefitting nearly 38,000 Iowa families, according to the Iowa Finance Authority.

Iowa's Workforce Housing Tax Credit

While not strictly an affordable housing program, Iowa's Workforce Housing Tax Credit is an effective and successful way to support development of needed housing in communities across Iowa. Funds are awarded on a competitive basis by the Iowa Economic Development Authority.

Program website:

Significant housing legislation in Iowa

Select a bill number in the table below to read the legislative text on the Iowa General Assembly's website. The Trust Fund monitors a variety of legislation, and placing an item on this list does not indicate PCHTF supports (or opposes) it.

Bill number
Related bills or past bill numbers
Latest status
Previously HSB557.

Removes a funding cap from the State Housing Trust Fund. A fiscal note is available.

Approved by House Economic Growth on Jan 29.

Increases funds for the Workforce Housing Tax Credit to $50 million.

Subcommittee scheduled.

Criminalizes homelessness by creating a misdemeanor charge for sleeping on public land and attempts to redirect state funds away from permanent housing.

Senate subcommittee scheduled Feb 13
Companion in Senate: SSB1118

Creates a legal pathway for residents to have eviction records sealed.

Passed the House 95-0 in 2023 but did not advance through Senate committee.
Companion in House HSB619

Prohibits cities from regulating certain building materials on residential exteriors.

Senate subcommittee assigned. Passed House subcommittee.

Tracking was last updated February 5, 2024.

Image by Larry Haubner

Federal Policy

Most programs to develop affordable housing and provide rental assistance are funded and overseen by the federal government.

To learn about federal housing policy, the Trust Fund recommends the Advocates' Guide developed by the National Low Income Housing Coalition.

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