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Standing Committees

We depend on the service of dozens of community volunteers to lead our organization. They are organized into several standing committees.

The executive committee is comprised of the officers of the Housing Trust Fund, its Past Chair and an “at-large” member. The Committee is responsible for directing and evaluating the Executive Director.

The development committee is responsible for evaluating and recommending action on all project applications for PCHTF development funds.

The program and supportive service committee is responsible for recommending action on all applications for PCHTF program funds.

The advancement committee is responsible for managing the PCHTF’s community fundraising efforts for supportive service program dollars.

The governance committee is responsible for recommending action on the organization's governance model and Strategic Plan. It is also responsible for Board and Committee recruitment and continuing education.

The finance committee is responsible for the financial operation of the Housing Trust Fund, including the organization's annual audit, compliance with internal financial policies and review of insurance requirements.

The policy committee is responsible for recommendations regarding the PCHTF's positions on broad matters of affordable housing policy, managing the organization's research and advocacy work as well as special community educational initiatives aimed at furthering the understanding of the benefits of affordable housing.

The marketing committee is responsible for creating and maintaining the PCHTF's branding and consistent messaging involving affordable housing. It is also responsible for the suggestion of new educational and advocacy initiatives to further the organization's mission.

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