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With Des Moines residents at every phase of your housing journey

Updated: Apr 6, 2023

HOME, Inc. was founded in 1967 through the efforts of residents concerned about the lack of decent affordable housing. It is the oldest private, non-profit housing organization in Des Moines.

The organization’s goal is to meet individuals and families where they are in their housing journey, and HOME, Inc. does this by developing affordable housing that revitalizes neighborhoods, counseling individuals and families to help them obtain and retain housing and providing education and support to tenants and landlords to improve rental relationships.

HOME, Inc. offers a tenant-landlord counseling service that can help with common rental housing issues. The service assisted 2,650 families last. year including with questions about where to find affordable housing, seek rental assistance, or avoid eviction.

The organization also provides homeownership readiness counseling and pre-purchase counseling that helps families prepare to purchase their first home, as well as address issues that arise after becoming homeowners.

Finally, HOME, Inc. also constructs homes that are then made available to low- and moderate-income families in the community.

HOME, Inc.’s multifaceted approach to helping the community with housing challenges ensures they can meet their clients and residents wherever they are on their housing journey and provide support that creates a stronger community over time.

You can learn more about HOME, Inc. at

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