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Safe, Stable
and Affordable

We provide strategic leadership, expertise, and resources to strengthen communities in Polk County through affordable housing.

Basic Needs.
Powerful Solutions.

The Polk County Housing Trust Fund is the comprehensive planning, funding and advocacy organization for affordable housing in Polk County, Iowa.

A graphic showing the values of the Here We Grow effort.

Here We Grow

Building workforce housing the region needs

Over 41,000 workers in our region can't afford to live on their own, even when they earn at the 90th percentile for their occupation. We're collaborating with others in the region to address the need for workforce housing solutions.

Redlining in Des Moines

Exploring lasting consequences of housing discrimination

Explore the history of redlining and systemic racism in housing with the Polk County Housing Trust Fund's new 5-part video series. Understanding the past allows us to make better decisions for the future.

An image showing two neighborhoods separated by redlining.
An image showing that housing improves jobs, economic success, family success, health and education.

Stable Steady Stong

Invest in a better community for all

You can invest to help families secure and maintain safe and affordable housing. That improves the quality of life for everyone in Greater Des Moines.


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