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Polk County Housing Trust Fund announces record year for Stable Steady Strong

The Polk County Housing Trust Fund today announced that it raised $710,815 for its Stable Steady Strong investment campaign, a new high for this annual fundraising effort that ends each June. The money raised funds services to help people find and keep stable housing in Polk County.

“We are inspired yet again about the community’s continued support of Stable Steady Strong which lets us work with a network of community organizations to help meet the need for stable housing. Contributions to this program provide needed flexibility to invest where the need is greatest and help fill gaps in local services,” said Toby O’Berry, the Polk County Housing Trust Fund’s executive director.

The Stable Steady Strong campaign is funded by individuals, businesses, and foundations. Principal® Foundation has been a leader in the campaign, with a $250,000 investment.

“We are proud to support the Polk County Housing Trust Fund and its mission to provide safe, stable, and affordable housing to those in need,” said Jo Christine Miles, director of Principal Foundation and Community Relations. “This investment will continue to give residents of Polk County the resources to access essential needs, such as affordable, stable housing. By helping to remove barriers, Polk County Housing Trust Fund is empowering people and the community so they can build better financial futures.”

Funds from Stable Steady Strong are granted to local nonprofits providing programs and supportive services that focus on housing stability, affordability, justice, and accessibility. Thanks to the support of the Polk County Housing Trust Fund’s operating expenses by the Polk County Board of Supervisors, 100% of funds raised through this program can be granted into the community.

This year’s grant recipients provide a variety of programs and services such as:

Rental housing navigation – building relationships with landlords to support program participants, connecting landlords and prospective tenants, dispute resolution, or assistance with the process of searching and applying for housing,

Homeownership preparedness - counseling and education to prepare homebuyers financially and help them navigate the buying process as well as take advantage of available financial assistance programs,

Supportive housing or case management - wraparound services such as case management for people at risk of homelessness, including services to help with challenges like mental or physical disability, addiction, or other health concerns, and

Culturally-appropriate housing services - including culturally-aware case management and services like translation.

Thanks to the success of this year’s campaign, PCHTF was able to award $689,528 in grants to organizations last month. Learn more about them here:

“We have been so uplifted by the community’s continued support since the pandemic, but the work of ensuring equitable housing access for all who need it in Polk County is far from finished. As we celebrate last year’s success, we look forward to beginning anew gathering the funds needed to continue to support people and families,” O’Berry said.

Learn how you can become an investor in this effort at


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