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PSS Funding

Programs and Supportive Services funding helps address some of our community's most pressing housing needs.

Funding purpose

Programs & Supportive Services (PSS) funds bridge the gap between affordable housing and families in our community. We strive to help improve the lives of households living in Polk County through our support of programs and services that improve resident stability and self-sufficiency and lead to successful housing outcomes. We take a holistic approach to addressing housing issues and barriers. This funding provides the essential support of helping to get families housed and keep them housed with flexibility and systemic thinking in mind.

What we fund:

  • 501c3 organizations

  • Programs and supportive services that focus on housing stability, affordability, justice and accessibility

  • Programs and supportive services with a mission that work towards individuals and families having greater access to housing and housing stability

  • Programs and services that intersect health and housing

  • Work that supports those most vulnerable in the community, those living at or below 80% area median income (AMI), with a specific focus and preference for those living at or below 30% AMI

  • We fund programs and supportive services exclusively in Polk County, IA

  • Programs that can provide data showing individuals and families are stably housed in the same address for at least a one year period

Our philanthropic principles and commitments:

  • Housing stability is essential to the health and wellbeing of our community. Stability is a measure of a community’s ability to meet the needs of its citizens.

  • Systemic racism prevents access to affordable housing for many individuals and families in our community. In order for a community to thrive, its residents must be provided a choice in where they live. True choice allows for affordable options throughout the region.

  • Accessibility to safe, stable, and affordable homes for everyone in our community must be a collective mission, with PCHTF serving as part of a larger ecosystem working together to build a just society. We will work holistically to ensure the intersection of organizations, partners, and funders see the work of housing accessibility and equity as a whole.

  • We will not reinforce transactional thinking, strategy, functions, or individual goals that undermine the mission of creating a more just and compassionate community. This work must be grounded in the theory and practice of social justice.

  • Every jurisdiction plays a role and is responsible for making housing equity a reality for all residents of Polk County. PCHTF will leverage our role to educate and advocate for affordable housing choice for all, and steward resources to have the greatest impact possible. We will listen deeply, learn from the community, and adjust our work according to the needs of those we aim to serve.

How to apply:

If your organization and project align with our philanthropic principles and commitments, you may be eligible for funding. Interested applicants may apply by accessing our application.

We award grants on an annual basis. Grant applications will open February 20, 2023 and will be due March 28th at noon. Approved grants are announced in June. All grant awards are approved by the Polk County Housing Trust Fund Board of Directors.

This is the link to apply:

Supporting our work:

Funding to support this important work of bridging the divide between affordable housing and families in need comes entirely through private donations and grants. 100% of donations to the Trust Fund go out to people in need in our community. Visit to give now.

Previously funded partners

Funds awarded in June 2022: $597,448.

  • Anawim

  • $60,000 Permanent supportive housing case management

  • $60,000 ECHO (expanding choices in housing opportunities) case management

  • Central Iowa Shelter & Services: $65,000 Critical Time intervention case management

  • Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity: $50,000 Mortgage readiness education

  • HOME, Inc: $25,000 Hope for Stable Families case management

  • House of Mercy: $20,000 Case Management

  • Iowa Homeless Youth Center: $72,305 Rapid rehousing program

  • Iowa International Center: $6,143 Housing interpretation hotline

  • Oakridge Neighborhood: $50,000 Family and workforce program

  • Primary Health Care/Centralized Intake

  • $60,000 Permanent supportive housing case management

  • $14,000 Landlord mitigation fund

  • US Committee on Immigrants & Refugees - Iowa: $60,000 Refugee housing case management

  • YMCA Supportive Housing Campus — $40,000 Graduate Program

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