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Associate Director

Lori Kauzlarich

Lori Kauzlarich has thirty years of experience in managing program and delivery systems for non-profit agencies. She joined Polk County Housing Trust Fund in 2007 and manages the overall internal operations, which include core success activities such as managing request for proposals, application and review processes; contract/grant management, monitoring and reporting; loan approvals and supporting documentation, and program implementation.

Kauzlarich attended University of Missouri-Columbia and is certified in Rehabilitation Facility Administration with an emphasis on long-range planning and financial management. She also attended Indian Hills Community College and has an Associate Arts Degree and is certified in Signed English. Her unique and valuable experience in creating several new programs for Human Service organizations in the Des Moines area such as, Targeted Case Management, Supported Employment Program and Psychosocial Rehabilitation provides a depth in the dynamics of all that it takes to provide sustainable programs for safe, stable and affordable housing.

House Frames

Lori works remotely and so is best reached by e-mail.

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