Community Housing Policy

Understanding and communicating good Affordable Housing Policy is critical to the Mission and Vision of the Polk County Housing Trust Fund.  The PCHTF Board of Directors envisions this organization as the leader in helping to create, advocate for and drive execution of a community Strategic Plan to provide Safe, Stable and Affordable Housing.

To accomplish this task the PCHTF volunteers and staff must understand the demographics of the community and stay abreast of the most current best practices for delivering Affordable Housing inventory.  This micro-site is dedicated to cataloging those resources and making them available to the community at large.  In addition, anyone concerned with housing policy should feel free to contact the PCHTF office for information or direction to other resources.

Affordable Housing Information

Statistical and Demographic Information for Polk County, Iowa

This section provides current statistical and demographic information for Polk County, Iowa that relates to Affordable Housing Policy.  This information comes from a variety of sources and is the basis for PCHTF funding decisions and advocacy of community-wide strategic initiatives to address its Mission and Vision.

PCHTF Housing Policy Research

PCHTF Commissioned Papers

As a part of its responsibilities to the community, the PCHTF engages researchers and interns to study and compile information on selected Affordable Housing Topics.  This research supports the advocacy and funding decisions of the Trust Fund.  To encourage other funders to adopt similar approaches the PCHTF makes these studies available to the community.

Best Practice Studies

Research from National Authors

Many researchers and organizations of national reputation share their work on best practices for Affordable Housing Policy.  The PCHTF looks for ways that national programs can be adapted to the Des Moines community to achieve meaningful results.  The Trust Fund is committed to sharing the best of these practices with the community at-large.