Tracy Levine Has the Floor

Home sweet home (and a new home at PCHTF)

Tracy Levine Has the Floor

For me, there is no place like home.  It is the most meaningful part of my life.  When I worked in the arts, we spoke of providing quality of life experiences so I know the importance of quality and affordability.  Our homes occupy a pride of place in what we consider an acceptable standard of life.  This is not only understandable, it is also natural.  We measure our standard according to our surroundings.  A comfortable, affordable home goes a long way towards creating the kind of setting everyone hopes to achieve.

I am a Des Moines native. I attended Greenwood Elementary, Callanan Middle School, high school in Middlebury, Connecticut and graduated from the University of Denver with a junior year abroad.  I have lived and visited many places, yet I always derive my greatest pleasures from being home.  I enjoy walking through an art museum, hiking in the Rocky Mountains, petting a dog, horse, or other four legged friend, and sharing with family and friends in my own backyard. 

As I reach out on behalf of affordable housing, I will be an advocate in sharing the comfort and sense of security a home provides.  I find satisfaction by connecting with members of my community, including local fundraising, to help improve the lives of the people who live here.

I look forward to working with the PCHTF Board of Directors, Committees and Staff.  Please feel free to contact me and I will help you in any way I can.


Tracy Levine recently joined the staff of the Polk County Housing Trust Fund as Administrative Coordinator.  Part of Tracy’s responsibilities will be to critically review the organization’s annual charitable campaign and make recommendations for increasing the business community’s financial support for affordable housing.