Stories From Our Provider Partners

Success in Hawthorn Hill’s The Home Connection Program

Stories From Our Provider Partners

Christine came into The Home Connection program after completing The House of Mercy inpatient program for methamphetamine (meth) addiction. She was first introduced to meth after her father gave her the drug at the age of 12. Christine came to Hawthorn Hill determined to make a better life for her two young kids – Kaleb (3) and Shantell (6).

During 20 months in The Home Connection program, Christine has completed major financial and personal milestones. She has paid off most of her past debt, opened savings accounts and has developed budgeting skills. Christine has earned the designation of a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), obtained her CNA Extended and her Sterile Procedure Technician Certificate. With that education, she was able to secure her first full-time job with benefits at Methodist Hospital. She has been working there for eight months, and once she’s been there a year, the hospital will pay for her continued education for a Surgical Technician Certificate.

Christine no longer receives government assistance for families with children, and her Department of Human Services (DHS) case was closed. She still attends regular Narcotics Anonymous meetings but has been discharged from her parole officer.

We are proud to announce that Christine was recently accepted into Habitat for Humanity’s homeownership program! After taking Habitat for Humanity’s required homeownership classes and completing her hours helping to build the home, Christine will be a homeowner at the end of 2011.