Spotlight on Snyder & Associates

Longtime donor shares why they give to PCHTF

Spotlight on Snyder & Associates

This month we are delighted to focus our well-deserved attention on long time donor, Snyder & Associates, Inc., a company rich in its own dedication to quality of life projects throughout the Midwest.  Some of their noteworthy services include pubic development projects such as recreational parks and sports complex facilities, transportation improvements for safe trails, streets and walkways and environmental priorities for improving the water quality.  The ten years of contributions made by Snyder & Associates to the Trust Fund totals $44,000 and signifies a major source of support for the programs that serve families with housing needs. 

Snyder & Associates believes it makes good business sense to invest in organizations that support the growth efforts of the communities where they live and work.  Although they are asked to support numerous worthy groups that accomplish this, they keep coming back to PCHTF and affordable housing. We asked President/CEO, Dave N. Moeller to reflect on why philanthropy is important to the civil engineering and planning business.  

“We feel there is a direct relation between the work we provide and housing – survey, platting, site development, and construction.  We take pride in the contributions we make every day and the resulting positive impact to the improvement of quality of life for the people in Polk County.  These improvement efforts are integral to the future success of our business, the communities and people we serve.”

When asked about the impact of housing to education, health and economic development, a focus of the Trust Fund, and how it aligns with the Snyder & Associates giving philosophy, Dave and Mark A. Land, Vice President, both point to a fundamental need for affordable housing to a thriving community.  Through their own broad-range of projects, they cite a direct result to a more sustainable and vibrant region. 

PCHTF thanks Snyder and Associates for recognizing and encouraging growth in affordable housing throughout their service area.  It is apparent their action backs the quality of life endeavors which they accomplish.