Spotlight on McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.

Support for housing is support for business

Spotlight on McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C.

This month’s spotlight shines bright on McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith, P.C., a well-rooted and respected (turning 70 next year) accounting firm that takes pride in its focus to serve the local community.  All professionals there are encouraged to volunteer and actively participate in a wide variety of organizations.   In tandem with the good deeds, the firm believes in the spirit of philanthropy and giving back to the very places that gave to them.

Partner Mike McNichols, who has sat in a dunk tank at the company picnic to help raise money for a non-profit client, understands that providing support to improve accessibility and quality of affordable housing has been a cause for MHC&S for the past 40 years.  “For all of us at MHC&S, participating in the affordable housing industry is rewarding and is visible as new projects we are associated with are added to the area’s housing portfolio,” says Mike.

Aboard last month’s PCHTF Community Bus Tour, riders saw some of this “housing portfolio.”  They learned first-hand about the supportive service programs provided through the Trust Fund’s dollars raised so that people may live as independently as possible.  It is clear to Mike that “the most positive development we’ve seen over the past 40 years is the recent integration of supportive services (job training/placement, language skills, childhood development opportunities) that are now being interwoven with traditional affordable housing projects.”  True not only with family housing, but in senior housing as well, where there is inclusion of community rooms, computer training, and other activities important to new projects for the elderly. 

Is affordable housing good for business, Mike was asked?  No time was wasted with his affirmative reply.  “Housing may not be as exciting as bike trails, parks and new office space, but good, solid, respectable affordable housing is key to attracting and retaining a quality workforce for McGowen, Hurst, Clark & Smith and all other area businesses.”  Thank you Mike for your invaluable endorsement.  It is no wonder your firm’s mission and values reflect the dedication you have for a better, more inclusive community where individuals and families may thrive and grow.  PCHTF thanks MHC&S for their vital support.