Spotlight on Bob Rafferty

Our individual donors help Central Iowans reach their full potential

Spotlight on Bob Rafferty

The Polk County Housing Trust Fund is fortunate to have many donors who recognize the importance of the supportive service programs offered through our Stable, Steady, Strong campaign.  These programs know no seasons.  All summer long, they continue to help hundreds of vulnerable people live and thrive in our community.

For Bob Rafferty, a lobbyist to the Iowa Legislature, his journey to becoming a Polk County Housing Trust Fund donor began at the Oakridge Neighborhood in Des Moines.  As a volunteer board member for 10 years, Bob helped create opportunities for children to succeed in school and their parents to become self-sufficient.  He also saw that the people who worked as daycare providers, teacher assistants, nurse's aides and bank tellers still needed help with the housing expenses because they just weren’t earning enough to afford market rents.

Taking this to heart, Bob left the Oakridge board to take advantage of an opportunity to learn more about affordable housing as a consultant to Newbury Living. Newbury is the real estate developer who built Silver Oaks, a senior residence on the Oakridge Neighborhood campus.  He says, “When I first started working on affordable housing, I learned PCHTF had funding that could help us build units with lower rents, targeted to those in the lowest income.  Since then, I have valued PCHTF’s leadership in advocating and developing community support for affordable housing.” 

This year, Bob became a donor after PCHTF board member Chelsea Lepley invited him to coffee and shared the impact another pool of funding has on the community.  That of the programs and services to help ensure a family’s economic and housing stability and earlier referenced as the Stable, Steady, Strong campaign.  Asked why he made the investment Bob replied, “Housing is a basic need for all and ensuring a family has an affordable, safe housing option is a critical part of creating a stable family for children.  Similar to giving to the foodbank and supporting education, investing in an organization that helps champion affordable housing supports children that might otherwise be at-risk.”

Our Summer newsletter issue “Spotlight” acknowledges and thanks the individuals, like Bob, and private foundations that so generously contribute to making a measurable impact in helping.  It is because of these donors that the PCHTF is able to connect with the vital services needed -- including job training, employment placement and advancement, financial education, home ownership counseling, and more--and all so critical to their housing success and the success of our community.  

Thank you, Bob, for your work on behalf of building affordable housing and financially contributing to helping people be successful in it --- and to all of our valuable contributors who have helped so many gain the skills they need to reach their full potential.

Join us in thanking each of the generous individual donors who contributed to the Stable, Steady, Strong campaign in 2018: 

  • Connie Boesen
  • Eric Burmeister
  • John B. Chesson
  • W.T. & Edna Dahl Trust
  • Jeff Damman
  • Carol Duncan
  • Easter Family Fund
  • Beverly Evans
  • Debbie & Ken Fisher
  • Jane Bishop Fogg
  • Rachel Geilenfeld
  • EJ Giovannetti
  • Kathy Gray
  • Ralph & Sylvia G. Green Charitable Foundation
  • Tina Mowry Hadden
  • Josh Hellyer
  • Lance Henning
  • Chris Hensley
  • Becky Jones
  • Lori Kauzlarich
  • Marsha A. Kephart
  • William C. Knapp Foundation
  • Catherine Law
  • Chelsea Lepley
  • Tracy Levine
  • Brad Liggett
  • Matthew McDermott
  • Mandi McReynolds
  • Rick Messerschmidt
  • Steve Niebuhr
  • Steven G. Patterson
  • Sean Pelletier
  • Elizabeth Presutti
  • Bob Rafferty
  • Rosemary Rahm
  • Kathy and Andy Roat
  • Ernest & Florence Sargent Family Foundation
  • Troy Thompson
  • Lijuan Zhao & Justin Mandelbaum