Hardwork Pays Off for Deserted Mom

Hardwork Pays Off for Deserted Mom

HOME, Inc’s mission is to create opportunities for quality affordable housing meant to stabilize low income families.  We accomplish our mission through the developing of affordable housing and providing rental and homeownership counseling and educational services.

Dayni moved from Sudan to Egypt then to the United States in March 2004 with her husband and four children.  Two years later her husband deserted the family.  Since she was married at the age of 16 in Sudan, there are no records available to enforce any child support decree as a part of her divorce.

Dayni is a very hardworking woman who has been the sole support of her family the last five years.  She has maintained her employment at Prairie Meadows and lived in the same apartment. She desperately wanted to have a decent and affordable home to call her own.

When she came to HOME, Inc. she found the perfect house, a three bedroom condo in Northwest Des Moines.  The location was great because it was near her brother who helps provide transportation and day care.  Also, the condo was newly remodeled, energy efficient and affordable at $646 per month (29% of her monthly income).  Her apartment, which was poorly maintained, cost $900 per month (41%).  When the lease expired she would have to move or pay $1,000 per month.

In order to purchase the home, Dayni worked with HOME, Inc.'s Homeownership Coordinator to qualify and apply for a mortgage. She worked hard to add to her savings and improve her credit rating.  In December she and her children moved into their new home.  They join 10 other families that call the Bel Aire Commons their home.