What is the PCHTF Brand?


How many brands did you interact with today?  Which brands do you use?  Phone?  Computer?  Automobile?  Affordable Housing?  Whether people like it or loathe it, almost every product, service, major city, business, and organization has been branded.  Polk County Housing Trust Fund has one goal in mind, to instill a look, feel, and overall perception that communicates professionalism and reinforces the leadership role in all aspects of Affordable Housing in central Iowa.

Branding can be described as the entire development process of creating a brand, brand name, and visual identity.  The logo and website operate as the groundwork to PCHTF’s individual branding program.  Our brand is one of consistent graphic identity including a strong messaging platform.  The brand we promote provides direction to anyone, internally or externally.  The graphic and tagline work together to clearly articulate who we are, what we do, and why we exist.

The purpose of PCHTFs brand is to build equity and ensure efficacy for affordable housing.  Our brand is one of our most important assets.  We aspire to deliver a clear message, confirm credibility, and validate loyalty through our brand.  As a provider in affordable housing we ensure a strong brand experience.  We take pride in our ability to spend time investing in the community.  Our vision continues to express eagerness in ensuring all Polk County citizens have safe, stable, and Affordable Housing.

A tip of the hat to Trilix as the agency that assisted us with our brand development and integration process.  We were pleased they were awarded a Gold Award through the ADDY® Awards, hosted by the American Advertising Federation of Des Moines last month.

Andy Bernholtz / Polk County Housing Trust Fund Marketing/Design Intern