Before & After

1915 ML King Parkway

Before & After

During 2011, Hawthorn Hill received four single family homes donated by Wells Fargo. The homes were foreclosures, and although structurally sound, they were in very poor condition.

Hawthorn Hill accepted the donated homes to add to the housing inventory for its permanent supportive housing program, The Home Connection. The Home Connection provides affordable housing and supportive services for very low income homeless families with children. The Home Connection program works with the families to help them attain financial independence and break the cycle of poverty.

Hawthorn Hill was awarded funding from the Polk County Housing Trust Fund to help with the much needed renovations for the four homes. Hawthorn Hill also partnered with HOME Inc. to have the local nonprofit serve as general contractor for the renovations.

One of the homes is located at 1915 ML King Parkway. The renovations for this home were completed July 2012. The renovations included: repairs to the exterior stucco siding and new paint; landscaping and installation of fence; new windows; complete renovations of the bathroom and kitchen; upgraded electrical and plumbing; new flooring; and new high-efficiency furnace and water heater. 

A ribbon cutting for the property was held in August, and a well deserving family moved into the property in September - Alexandra, her 4-year old daughter and 16-month old son.

Alexandra and her children had been homeless and experienced numerous temporary housing situations including a stay at Hawthorn Hill’s New Directions Shelter before being accepted into The Home Connection program. They now have a newly renovated house to call home. Alexandra is very determined that she and her children will never become homeless again. She is employed full time and is working towards financial independence.

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