Rebuilding Together's Big Day

Wells Fargo National Rebuilding Day – in Central Iowa

Rebuilding Together's Big Day

A Ryan Companies team volunteer stepped outside of the home they were working on and declared the weather was nice, above 40 degrees and just a misting of rain – no snow!  This optimistic attitude prevailed among the 700 volunteers from many companies who worked on 32 homes in the Greater Des Moines area May 4th. The to-do list for the 18th Annual Wells Fargo Rebuilding Together work day included:  

Install two ramps, 17 windows, nine new appliances, five roofs, 25 smoke and carbon dioxide detectors, six gutters, paint 12 homes, repair ceilings at five of the homes, hang drywall at 19 and repair plumbing at nine and replace flooring.  

“We have the hardiest and most dedicated teams of volunteers,” said Rebuilding Together Executive Director Kimberly Hansen.  “They simply put on more layers of clothes, rain gear and came prepared to get the work done. We are estimating at least 75 percent of the projects were completed and about 25 percent of the outside work couldn’t be done, such as painting, roofing and sealing gutter joints. We’ll circle back and do those projects when the weather clears up.”  

The Saturday work day ran from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. and started with a kickoff breakfast at 7 a.m. for the volunteers made up of work teams from Wells Fargo & Co., Ryan Companies US, Inc., Bank of the West, First American Bank, Praxair and many more.

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Do you know someone who may qualify?  To be eligible for consideration in the program income must be no more than:

  • One Person – $25,550
  • Two Persons – $29,200
  • Three Persons – $32,850
  • Four Persons – $36,450
  • Five Persons – $39,400
  • Six Persons – $42,300
  • Seven Persons – $45,200
  • Eight Persons – $48,150

(Maximum household annual income guidelines based on HUD median income.)

  • Applicants must own and live in their own home and have neither the resources nor the ability to do the work themselves (The program is unable to consider mobile homes).
  • Applicants must meet income eligibility guidelines and provide documentation of total household income (all persons living in the home).

For more information please call (515) 284-7403

Would you like to learn more about being a volunteer?   There are several special projects and events throughout the year, please contact Beth Hicks at or (515) 280-1674 to learn more about how you can get involved.