Our Partners

We cannot develop and implement good affordable housing policy without the hard work of many stakeholders from a variety of sectors. These include developers, service providers, public transportation agencies, health care providers, educational institutions, local governments, neighborhood associations, business organizations, employers, funders and philanthropists. The Polk County Housing Trust Fund reaches out to each of these constituencies to ensure that affordable housing is considered in all of their own strategies and long range plans.

Through its education and advocacy efforts, PCHTF strives to raise affordable housing needs to the top of the community's "to do list.” PCHTF staff and Board members sit at these planning tables to develop a consistent message about regional affordable housing policy and identify synergies between the work of the Housing Trust Fund and other organizations.

Organizations that plan with us to meet Polk County's Affordable Housing needs:

Organizations approved to receive funding from the PCHTF to create or preserve affordable housing inventory or provide services to residents: