The PCHTF allocates over two million dollars annually to build, preserve, and maintain affordable housing. These allocations to local developers and service providers are guided by community data and measured against progress toward specific goals of closing gaps in affordable housing inventory and services. Standing Committees carefully evaluate proposals from for-profit and nonprofit organizations that seek to address local needs and then recommend funding for those that can demonstrate the greatest impact. It is this competition for limited funds that produces innovative approaches to addressing affordable housing issues.

While the Polk County Housing Trust Fund is rarely the sole funder of a project or program, it is often the most flexible. Leveraging the organization’s resources with other funding streams is a high priority for the Board of Directors. By offering maximum flexibility to the developer or provider, the PCHTF encourages creative solutions that might not be fundable elsewhere.

PCHTF uses data collected through its planning activities to guide its funding decisions. The use of sophisticated mapping technology allows PCHTF staff to identify geographic areas in need of housing options based on factors such as adjacent jobs and easy access to transportation and services. Data analysis helps our committees understand what types of units are needed, and where, in order to put our funding to its most strategic use.