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We won't let housing opportunity slip away

Updated: Oct 31, 2022

This is a tough economy for housing progress, but Greater Des Moines has the skills and capability to respond.

It’s going to take continued innovation and investment - and your support - to make things happen.

The challenges facing housing production today can be absolutely daunting.

But providers are innovating to overcome these challenges, with inspirational results. The Polk County Housing Trust Fund provides advocacy and funding to to keep projects on track.

Developers Michael Kiernan and Jack Hatch recently opened Sixth Avenue Flats which offers badly needed workforce housing and unique programs to serve youth experiencing homelessness.

The Trust Fund was able to allocate funds to this project that filled the gap between the project's main source of funding (federal housing tax credits administered by the Iowa Finance Authority) and the cost of construction. The role of "filling the gap" is one we are often called upon to play.

YSS/Iowa Homeless Youth Centers will provide supportive services to youth in the program, who will also benefit from educational opportunities at DMACC’s Urban Campus, across the street.

Speaking to PCHTF for our video tour of the property, DMACC president Rob Denson called the partnership behind the project “the who’s who of helping people.” He is right, and looking inside the property is a reminder that at the end of the day housing is about helping improve the lives of real people in the community.

Check out the video tour below, and sign up if you'd like to stay involved in this work. Your voice in your community to call for continued housing progress can make a huge difference.


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