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Polk County Emergency Home Repair Program

Polk County's emergency home repair program can help with a variety of repair needs focused on safety, livability, accessibility, and more.

Phone number


Program website

Service area

Serves all of Polk County, Iowa.

What can the program do?

Essential & emergency home repairs i.e.: roofs, electrical/mechanical & water repairs, handicap ramps and accessibility, damaged doors & windows. Window AC w/medical referral. Pest control.

Who is eligible?

The applicant household's income must fall below 80% of AMI. Household assets may not exceed $50,000. Assessed value of the property must be $242,000 or less. Property taxes and any special assessments must be current. The home may not be on a nuisance list or in foreclosure. Property must be receiving the Homestead Credit verified by the Polk County Assessor's office. The home must be owner occupied for one year or longer. Mobile home repairs are limited to $2,500. Homes being purchased on contract are eligible if the buyer has lived in the home at least 1 year and the contract is recorded with the Polk County Assessor.

What other policies apply?

Staff will visit the home and evaluate needs with the homeowner. Value of work may not exceed the lower of 20% of the home's assessed valuation or $12,000. Homeowner may pay for repairs after this point. Services may be provided at no cost to the applicant. A lien will be placed on the property if PCHTF funds over $4,500 are used for the property.

Where are applications taken?

Apply in person at Polk County Public Works or by phone at 515-286-3356. Polk County Public Works is located at 5885 NE 15th Street, Des Moines, IA 50313.

Provided by Polk County Public Works Housing Services Division.

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Individual program policies and guidelines are subject to change. Always contact an individual program directly for complete information about their rules.

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