New Group Brings Together Housing Advocates from Across Iowa

Iowa Housing Partnership to coordinate housing advocacy statewide

New Group Brings Together Housing Advocates from Across Iowa

A new group of affordable housing advocates is meeting in Iowa. Known as the Iowa Housing Partnership, individuals from many disciplines and organizations are considering how to improve the
statewide understanding of the need for more affordable housing and to lobby government at all levels for increased resources.

The group currently includes representatives from non-profit housing groups, Low Income Housing Tax Credit developers and syndicators, local governments, and individual advocates for households that need but can’t find affordable homes. More representatives are welcome. The only criteria for membership is an interest in improving and expanding Iowa’s inventory of affordable homes.

Data from the past several years has pointed to an increasing problem across the state. It is no longer confined to the larger cities. “It is important that Iowans speak with one voice about this growing housing shortage,” said Eric Burmeister, Executive Director of the Polk County Housing Trust Fund. “If we have any hope of focusing more of our state and national resources on increasing the number and affordability of homes, our elected officials must hear from all of us.”

While there have been a couple of informal meetings of the Iowa Housing Partnership, the official Organizational Meeting will take place in the afternoon of July 10th in Des Moines. For more information or to register, email Eric Burmeister at eburmeister (at)