Down Payment Assistance Program

As of May 5, 2020, all monies in the Prairie Meadows Down Payment Assistance program are reserved.

To help increase production of homes affordable to our incoming workforce, Prairie Meadows and Polk County Housing Trust Fund announce a down payment assistance program for income-qualified households purchasing new construction. Assistance in the form of a 10- year pro-rata forgivable loan.


  • Maximum household income for 1-2 person family is $70,000 and 3 plus person family maximum household income is $80,500
  • Requires dollar for dollar match from the buyer
  • Available for newly constructed homes only (Single family detached dwellings, Condos and Townhomes qualify)
  • Home must be located in Polk County
  • Down payment assistance limited to $15,000
  • Funds are limited and reservation is required prior to closing

Call Lori Kauzlarich at PCHTF for more details and to reserve your funds.
515-282-3233. Email Lori at:


Learn more about the Prairie Meadows/PCHTF Program

The Polk County Housing Trust Fund

Affordable Housing in Polk County, Iowa

The Polk County Housing Trust Fund is the comprehensive planningadvocacy and funding organization for Affordable Housing in Polk County Iowa. Focused around these three core activities, the Housing Trust Fund is responsible for crafting the community strategic plan for affordable housing and leading its implementation. It is also tasked with helping the community understand the need for and benefits of adequate affordable housing. Finally, the organization is responsible for allocating community funds aimed at increasing and preserving the inventory of affordable units in the County and improving the lives of the people who live in them.