Can I Be Your Neighbor

Can We Be Your Neighbor?

The "Can I Be Your Neighbor" campaign is supported by:

Affordable housing and the people who need it are the backbone of a thriving community. While known as an economical place to live, the average cost of homes and apartments in this area is beyond the budget of many folks who make our community work. We need these folks as neighbors. To attract them we need to provide safe, stable and affordable housing. It improves the quality of all of our lives.

This site is dedicated to the many individuals and families who make Des Moines work and the  developers and providers that help make affordable housing possible. Explore stories of families. Take a look inside new and renovated projects. Find out what affordability really means and above all, answer YES to the question  — “Can I Be Your Neighbor?”

Jazz In July Neighborhood Passport

Join Metro Arts and Polk County Housing Trust Fund in celebrating our neighborhoods with the Jazz in July Neighborhood Passport. Metro Arts’ Jazz In July is a perfect time to visit the many neighborhoods that make our community unique.  It’s also a good time to learn how affordable housing helps form the foundation for a successful community. Look for the Neighborhood Passport in your Jazz In July program or download a copy below. In addition to giving you more information about affordable housing, the passport is your chance to win valuable prizes through Jazz In July. Get your passport stamped at each concert for a chance to win prizes, plus a grand prize during the final Jazz In July celebration.

Meet the Campaign Neighbors and their Sponsors

To help the community better understand the need for and benefits of affordable housing we've created the "Campaign Neighbors."  Each is a resident of affordable housing.  Each has been sponsored by a local business that understands and appreciates the advantages safe, stable affordable housing brings to their workplace and to the community.  In addition, each is supported by a not-for-profit developer or service provider working to make housing affordable.

Affordable Housing Information

Explore what the community means when it talks about "Affordable Housing."  Find out how residents are income qualified.  Learn more about the developers and providers working to make sure that everyone in Polk County has safe, stable and affordable housing.

Meet Real Families

The Campaign Neighbors may be imagined these folks are not.  We have collected the pictures and stories of real neighbors who are helped by affordable housing and how they in turn help our community.

Explore Affordable Units

Creating and preserving inventory of affordable housing units takes the work of many organizations.  It is not always easy to find and develop those locations best suited for adding additional units.  Explore new and rehabilitated affordable housing options in the community.  The link to PCHTF Tour Itineraries will direct you to PDFs of properties featured on past Housing Trust Fund Bus Tours.

Affordable Housing Benefits Everyone

Affordable housing helps form the foundation for a successful community.  Safe and stable homes have a positive impact on education.  Students are able to stay in the same school with the same teachers and support groups.  

Workforce quality is increased.  Finding stable, affordable homes increases our workforce attraction, but also our workforce retention, as more people find themselves able to permanently settle in the area.

Our neighborhoods are strengthened.  Many of the area’s older neighborhoods are ripe for redevelopment of the housing stock.  Rebuilding and rehabilitating affordable housing in these areas returns vitality to neighborhoods closer to downtown and to available public transportation.

More information on Affordable Housing can be found at

Thank you for your support of Affordable Housing in Polk County.