Young Mom Uses Anawim Services to Find Her Path

As a single mother of a 2-year old, Laura has found the struggles of balancing everything in life: work, parenting, and paying bills. While she was in between jobs, things began to get financially challenging.  She wasn’t sure how to make everything come together and still provide for her young child.  Anawim Housing was able to work with her to provide short-term rental subsidy while she got back on her feet with a new job. Anawim also helped Laura connect with a Des Moines organization where she was able to get new work attire that gave her the confidence in starting her job. She began to become more involved as a tenant, attending educational workshops at Anawim and developing friendships within the Anawim Housing family.

Anawim Housing provides their tenants with more than just a house. They want to see their tenants succeed in the community and they provide them the support and opportunities to make that success a reality. One of many success stories, Laura has been able to work with Anawim to find a home, financial stability, and success in the workplace. “It’s so great when we see a tenant use Anawim to its full extent,” said family advocate Tiffany King. “We really want to help our tenants in any way we can so that they can get back on their feet and thrive.”

In 2011, Anawim Housing helped over 575 families, all with their own stories and reasons for coming to them for help.  Through their Housing Management and Family Advocacy Programs, more than 1,677 people – almost 1,000 of them children - had a place to call home.