Wells Fargo has the Floor - Russ Cross shares Insights

PCHTF Funders Share Reasons for their Support

Wells Fargo has the Floor - Russ Cross shares Insights

Funny how something simple can trigger a connection that provides a new way of seeing things. I was reading last month’s Housing Trust Fund eNewsletter and saw the United Way article and thought – “The Polk County Housing Trust Fund is the United Way of Housing.”   

Like most funders, Wells Fargo wants to be confident that the organizations we support have the ability to provide comprehensive planning that coordinates and best leverages the strategic cooperation of nonprofit partners – in this case for creating and sustaining affordable housing. The Polk County Housing Trust Fund has proven it has the vision to coordinate resources and maximize the impact of affordable housing inventory and related supportive services in Polk County. The results are impressive and vitally important.

As an employer, we have more than 13,000 team members in central Iowa. Naturally, our company’s culture, compensation package and training programs are part of what attracts and retains Wells Fargo team members, but we recognize that’s not all that’s important to their decision of where to live and work. Communities are our partners in providing a quality of life that helps attract and retain wonderful people. Fundamental to quality of life is housing. As a result, we invest both financially and with volunteer hours in affordable housing because it is at the heart of providing a healthy home life, stable neighborhoods and vibrant communities.

While the challenges in providing affordable housing are not unique to Des Moines, I believe how our community works together is. We have good visioning and planning as evidenced by The Tomorrow Plan and Capital Crossroads. And the greater Des Moines area has a unique relationship between public and private sectors. There is a long-time spirit of cooperation, a ‘we are all in this together’ way of thinking that is not always the case in other cities.  The support of city, county, state and federal government leaders is evident, as is the support of the local business community, and Wells Fargo is thankful to be one of a number of companies that provide support to make our community better.  Collectively, this group is a big-picture thinker that balances vision with a grassroots reality for making things happen.

With that kind of leadership in place, I predict great things in 2013 for both our community and the Housing Trust Fund. Thank you for joining Wells Fargo in your support of the Polk County Housing Trust Fund and its comprehensive approach to providing quality, affordable housing.