United Way Board Visit and Presentation

Dr. Tom Narak and Jane Fogg talk to the PCHTF Board about 2013 expectations

United Way Board Visit and Presentation

This year has brought a new partnership between United Way of Central Iowa and the Polk County Housing Trust Fund.  For the first time UWCI has made a financial investment in the operational budget of the Housing Trust Fund.  With this $47,000 investment comes accountability.  United Way board member Dr. Tom Narak and staff member Jane Fogg presented the “building blocks” of focus for UWCI and answered questions from PCHTF board members about the Agency’s vision and PCHTF’s related accountability.

In return for its investment United Way expects the Housing Trust Fund to be the community leader on affordable housing.  That leadership is defined as providing the very best research, advice and funding for improving the inventory of affordable housing units in Polk County.  For 2012/13 a major component of that work is an inventory research project the PCHTF has commissioned from Iowa State University.  A significant portion of UWCI’s contribution is invested in helping pay for that comprehensive study.

“This research informs PCHTF in its strategic planning and community plan development. The leadership PCHTF provides is essential to creating a future where our community is able to thrive because of its commitment to providing affordable housing,” said Jane Fogg, Director of Financial Stability at UWCI.  “We know that any issue, no matter how large or daunting it appears, becomes more manageable with leadership, alignment of resources and a focus on collective impact.”

In addition the United Way expects the Housing Trust Fund to establish and monitor uniform performance measurements for provider agencies funded by UWCI, PCHTF and other community dollars.  Establishing uniform performance criteria makes community funding decisions more effective.

Like any United Way funded organization, the Housing Trust Fund will be expected to account for its stewardship of community funds.  The meeting made sure that the PCHTF board knew of its responsibilities.