The Impact of Support

Stable Steady Strong 2019

The Impact of Support

Stable Steady Strong is a local campaign for housing to fund programs that assist low-income people in finding and maintaining homes they can afford.  This allows the PCHTF to pursue an integrated vision for affordable housing inventory that includes not only creating housing units but also providing the services needed to ensure a person’s long term success in those homes.

Since the campaign started 22 years ago, over eight million dollars has been allocated to aid in:

  • Case management
  • Job training, placement and advancement
  • Financial education
  • Finding affordable homes
  • Homeownership counseling

These programs are offered thanks to the generosity of our local business community.  While PCHTF receives public money to maintain and develop housing options, we cannot fund programs and supportive services without private support.  One hundred percent of private donation received go directly toward funding these programs and helping low-income Central Iowans become more self-sufficient.

Who the PCHTF Serves

PCHTF funding only supports housing and programming for individuals and families making less than 80% of Median Family Income ($43,050 for a single person or $61,500 for a family of four).  Most programs serve primarily those making less than 30% of MFI - $16,150 for a single person or $24,000 for a family of four.

How many people are better off?

  • 2,386 adults and 2,513 children (4,899 Polk County residents).
  • 1,750 households served, including 1,267 extremely low-income and 843 headed by women.
  • 752 new families served (not served in previous years).

How much have these programs helped?

  • 893 families moved from homelessness to permanent housing in the community.
  • 40 families became homeowners.
  • 29 households increased their net worth by 20%.

How long did these programs show results?

  • 1,121 families stayed in their homes for 2 years.

Investment in the Stable Steady Strong campaign meet a bank’s CRA obligation.

For more information on making a donation or becoming involved, please contact Tracy Levine. or call 515-282-3233