Spotlight on Polk County

County support continues with Housing Tomorrow

Spotlight on Polk County

Along with United Way of Central Iowa and The Community Foundation of Greater Des Moines, Polk County is underwriting the cost of Housing Tomorrow, the regional plan for affordable housing. 

The need for a regional plan was highlighted by findings in a 2013 report to HUD on the Impediments to Fair Housing Choice as well as the recently released Tomorrow Plan.  In addition, questions from neighborhoods about guidelines for adding additional affordable housing units have identified the need for a more comprehensive examination of the alignment of needs and infrastructure.

“Approaching these questions through a thoughtful and inclusive planning process will assure that the opinions of all community constituencies will be heard,” according to Josh Hellyer, PCHTF Policy & Communications Coordinator, who is leading the community engagement process.  “Funding from Polk County and the other two sponsors is critical to making sure that Housing Tomorrow will be a professional product that the region can use to improve our affordable housing options.”

Funding Housing Tomorrow is just a recent example of Polk County’s commitment to affordable housing.  Since 1995 the County has provided funding for creation of new affordable housing inventory and especially for preservation of existing owner-occupied inventory for low income seniors and families.  Last year over 1,000 households in Polk County were assisted with needed repairs to their homes through the County’s financial commitment to affordable housing.