Spotlight on our Individual Donors

True happiness is helping others

Spotlight on our Individual Donors

Polk County Housing Trust Fund is fortunate to have many committed volunteers and supporters who recognize the importance of the supportive service programs, offered through our “Combined Campaign for Housing.”  These programs know no seasons.  All summer long, they continue to help hundreds of vulnerable people live and thrive in our community.

Joe Gonzalez, Executive Director of the Latino Resources, Inc., became involved with PCHTF several years ago as part of the Board.  At that time, he was working for the Des Moines Police Department and had close connections with the neighborhood associations in our city.  Joe is one of those people who finds true happiness in helping others. 

He continues to be a valuable advocate and supporter of our organization.  His passion for affordable housing grew from what he experienced as he worked among our communities most vulnerable populations.  As a well-respected lieutenant in the DMPD for 7 years, Joe explains his firsthand experience, “An affordable, stable home can be key to their well-being.  It impacts families by giving them a sense of security.  People are then able to seek and find more stable employment, and also having a stable family reduces crime because there is a sense of belonging and being a part of the community.” 

Our June “Spotlight” acknowledges and thanks the individuals, like Joe, and private foundations that so generously contribute to making a measurable impact.  It is because of these donors that PCHTF is able to connect with the vital services needed -- including job training, employment placement and advancement, financial education, home ownership counseling, and more--and all so critical to their housing success and the success of our community.   

Thank you Joe for your service to the PCHTF and for eloquently stating why you donate.  We want to thank all of our other valuable contributors who also find happiness in helping others:

Connie Boesen

Eric Burmeister

Doug Burnett

John B. Chesson

Carol Duncan

W.T. & Edna Dahl Trust

Easter Family Fund

Beverly Evans

Debbie & Ken Fisher

Jane Bishop Fogg

E.J. Giovannetti

Lt. Joe Gonzalez

Larry Goodell

Kathy & Tom Gray

Lucas Gray

Josh Hellyer

Lance Henning

Chris and Steve Hensley

F&C Hubbell Family Charitable Fund

Lori Kauzlarich

Marsha A. Kephart

William C. Knapp Foundation

Izaah JB Knox

Chelsea Lepley

Tracy Levine

Brad Liggett

Mike Lipsman

Lohse Family Foundation

Matthew McDermott

Mandi McReynolds

Rick Messerschmidt

Luke Mohlenhoff

Steve Niebuhr

Steven G. Patterson

Sean A. Pelletier

Elizabeth Presutti and Chris Naumann

Claire Richmond

Kathy and Andy Roat

Ernest & Florence Sargent Family Foundation

Troy Thompson

Susan Voss