Spotlight on Midwest Housing Equity Group

Supporting affordable housing since 1992

Spotlight on Midwest Housing Equity Group

This issue’s newsletter beams its “Spotlight” on the Midwest Housing Equity Group (MHEG) and recognizes their tremendous loyalty and generous support in the funding of the PCHTF’s “Combined Campaign for Housing” and in the volunteers who strengthen our board and committee work. 

As a syndicator of low-income housing tax credits, MHEG works through partnerships with developers and investors in a 10-state region, to be a leader in financing affordable housing throughout the Midwest.  Last year alone, the non-profit organization created over 1,600 affordable housing units company-wide; over their history they have helped create nearly 1,000 units in Polk County.

Scott Fitzpatrick, a Vice President and Business Development Officer at MHEG, recognizes the need to invest in quality real estate projects and supportive service programs (funded by the “Combined Campaign for Housing”) that in turn revitalize communities where they serve.   “Beyond the obvious, affordable housing helps form the foundation for a successful community.”  He applauds “the much needed assistance PCHTF provides” and recognizes how in sync it is with the MHEG mission “to change lives for a better tomorrow.” 

Asked about the impact and importance of housing now and for the area’s rapidly growing service workforce, Scott says that today “over 80,000 Iowa households pay more than half of their income on rent.”   Often, the public does not realize the population affordable housing serves are our service workforce.  For every $130,000 job that is created, 1.25 service industry jobs are created.  “We must not take these roles for granted.” 

The MHEG together with PCHTF, is raising awareness of the pressing community needs and working diligently so that safe, stable and affordable housing can have a significant impact on critical aspects of life in Central Iowa.  We applaud the Midwest Housing Equity Group and thank them for their commitment to the big picture.