Landlord Forum Spotlight: Anawim Housing

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Landlord Forum Spotlight: Anawim Housing

On a chilly Monday morning this October, landlords and affordable housing advocates gathered at Polk County River Place for PCHTF’s first-ever Fall Landlord Forum. We were excited to partner with United Way OpportUNITY for this event and to hear from local experts about how landlords can interact with tenants in a trauma-informed manner. Cynthia Latcham, Director of Programs & Services at Anawim Housing, provided valuable insight into the programs that Anawim provides to aid landlords and tenants alike.

By working with tenants to resolve long standing mental health, substance use disorder and medical issues, Anawim works to ensure tenants become and maintain housing stable by matching services to individual needs.

“Anawim Housing’s mission is to develop stable homes and strengthen communities. Our vision is that every person has a home that supports self-sufficiency within a safe community.  We accomplish this through utilizing Evidence Based Practices of Housing First and Permanent Supportive Housing programs.  Through these programs, Anawim Housing is able to keep vulnerable individuals and families in their homes, and provide our tenants with opportunities to succeed, gain employment and get involved in their community. These programs directly enhance the lives of our tenants and neighbors in Des Moines. 

Our partnerships with landlords are integral in maintaining stable housing for our program participants. All of the tenants served through Anawim Housing Permanent Supportive Housing programs have experienced homelessness and have the diagnosis of Substance Use Disorder, mental health disorder, are medically fragile or are fleeing domestic violence.  Anawim Housing specializes in providing trauma informed comprehensive supportive services designed to assist each program participant in their own, individual recovery plan. Staff are trained in using community-based, person-centered approaches within the services provided. They also emphasize assertive and long-term engagement while assisting participants in acquiring mainstream resources, disability/SSI benefits, and payee and healthcare services.  With acceptance and understanding, we foster the hopes and dreams of those we serve.”

-Cynthia Latcham, Director of Programs & Services, Anawim Housing

To learn more about Anawim Housing visit, and check out their new podcast, “Home Is Everything”.