Board Members Share Perspectives

Peter Diliberti and Tina Mowry Hadden Discuss the Importance of Affordable Housing

PCHTF is happy to welcome Peter Diliberti and Tina Mowrey-Hadden to our board of directors.

We asked our new board members why housing is important to them, and why it’s essential to our community. Here’s what they had to say:

Peter Diliberti:

“Affordable housing is vital for a community and for individuals to thrive and grow.  Stable shelter supports productive and healthy environments for families allowing them to work together to strengthen and grow our communities.  Support for housing is at the center of what I choose to do every day in my work with the team at Wells Fargo Home Lending.”

Tina Mowrey-Hadden:

“I came of age during the farm crisis of the '80s. My father, a farmer in western Iowa, died of a heart attack when I was 14, leaving my mom and me on the farm alone (my older four siblings had already graduated.) Our house was paid for and we had several pieces of land so as times became tough, my mom began selling off 40 acres here and there. We were fortunate that we had a roof over our heads and working vehicles to take us to various jobs we found "in the country." It wasn't easy, and I often wish I could go back as an adult so I could better understand the decisions my mother had to make in order for us to keep our home.

Throughout my life, I have lived many places since that old farmhouse... a rowhouse in a bad area of Washington DC, five of us in a two bedroom apartment in Chicago, my first home in Des Moines that scared me to death because I was downsized two months after the purchase. I never take for granted what having a roof over your head, no matter where it is, means. And, more importantly, the responsibility we all bear as renters or homeowners in making the salary that is needed to keep our homes.

In my mind, housing is the heartbeat of a community. In fact, can you even say you have a community without housing? When looked at from this direction, it becomes essential for city leaders to provide a variety of housing options. Elected officials and city staff must always look for ways to encourage rental and single-family developments, to balance new growth with attention to existing areas and to ensure options for every kind of income level. This is tough to do, and I'm proud of the role Polk County Housing Trust Fund plays in keeping the topic of housing at the forefront of all economic development discussions.”