PCHTF Kicks Off 2015 Campaign

Fundraising efforts to focus on housing "by the numbers"

PCHTF Kicks Off 2015 Campaign

Opportunity is knocking for you to join the Polk County Housing Trust Fund board and staff as the “Combined Campaign for Housing” kicks off later this month. This annual campaign raises critical dollars from the local corporate community so we can meet our vision: that families and individuals have safe, stable, and affordable housing. 100% of the money raised is awarded to local non-profit organizations with the capacity to assist those with housing needs.  From rental housing by Anawim Housing to rehabbed homes built by Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity, to Central Iowa Shelter and Services’ work providing the homeless, these dollars provide outreach programs which allow access to services to those in need.

Last year, $375,000 dollars was raised and, in turn, $375,000 was re-granted to create housing solutions serving over 3,500 people living in Polk County. The theme for the 2015 campaign is “By the Numbers.” When you look at data related to affordable housing, you soon realize that behind every number there is a story. For instance, too many people in central Iowa are paying more than 30% of their income on housing, making it difficult for them to pay for their daily needs. When housing is affordable, low and moderate income families are able to put nutritious food on the table, receive necessary medical care, and provide a good education for their children. This is the essence of the PCHTF campaign.

But the benefits of affordable housing extend beyond these individuals to the community at large. Based on the Tomorrow Plan’s estimates, PCHTF figures that 37,617 jobs with an annual salary under $35,000 will be created in central Iowa by 2050. Research demonstrates that the development of affordable housing attracts both employers and employees who will create and fill these future jobs and increase spending in the surrounding economy. In so many ways, it makes good business sense to support the campaign.

Watch this website (and your inbox, for our newsletter subscribers) later this month as we reveal our 2015 report to the community. “By the Numbers” will demonstrate that housing truly is the foundation for education, health, and economic development in Polk County.