Now Showing Online: Redlining in Des Moines

Now Showing Online: Redlining in Des Moines

Join Kendyl Larson and Lauren Johnson on a five-part personal video tour that explores the history of racially restrictive housing policies in the State of Iowa and the City of Des Moines. Since January 2020, PCHTF has educated over 4,500 members of our community on this important subject both in-person and online. Now you have the opportunity to explore and engage at your convenience! 

Stream Now: 

Part 1: What is Redlining?

Part 2: How to Read a Redlining Map

Part 3: Jim Crow, The Great Depression, Suburbia and More

Part 4: Urban Renewal, Planned Shrinkage, Urban Decay and More

Part 5: Where do we go from here?

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