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Social Media is important at Anawim Housing

News From PCHTF Provider Partners

The heart of Anawim Housing is to provide a safe, permanent, quality home for families across Des Moines.  In an effort to make a stronger impact in the community Anawim has made a concerted effort to grow their use of technology.  In the past year Anawim has successfully used the Internet to make it easy and accessible for families in search of affordable housing.

Anawim’s website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and YouTube channel have allowed Anawim to communicate more effectively the services it provides.

“We want to use the technology available to give people looking for a home a simple and useful tool that will help them find what they need,” said Anawim Housing President, Russ Frazier.

Beginning in October Anawim started posting virtual tour videos of their different properties.  The videos allow the public to see the quality of homes that Anawim develops and manages.

“We are excited about the virtual tours because it gives us more credibility and spotlights the type of housing we provide,” said Frazier.

The videos give families interested in affordable housing a physical look at where they might be living. The videos also let potential donors see quality housing people are proud to call home.

“They are a glimpse at a place where you could be living. It’s efficient, because the videos are all in one spot so people can see multiple homes without having to travel anywhere,” said Director of Maintenance and Property Development Tim Davis.

The Anawim website contains a bar with headlines across the top that is updated with the latest news and information from Anawim.  Anawim uses their website’s headlines to promote new properties, seasonal bus tours and special events.  The headline feature is also a place to thank Anawim friends and sponsors.

“By seeing new information on our home page people are going to learn more about Anawim’s growing impact in the community and be more likely to get involved,” said Kathi Zimpleman, Board Member and Chair of the Fund Development Committee.

Social media also has helped Anawim be more effective in reaching people.