Stories From PCHTF Provider Partners

Iesha's Story

Stories From PCHTF Provider Partners

Iesha and her children initially came to Hawthorn Hill’s New Directions Shelter program homeless and without hope. They had been evicted from their apartment for non-payment of rent and had resided at a couple of homeless shelters before coming to New Directions Shelter. After staying at New Directions Shelter, Iesha and her four children were accepted into Hawthorn Hill’s supportive housing program The Home Connection which is supported through the Polk County Housing Trust Fund.

One of Iesha’s children, Jenesis, has spina bifida and needs to utilize a wheelchair. Due to Jenesis’ mobility issues, the family was placed in one of The Home Connection’s 4-bedroom ranch duplexes so Jenesis can have full mobility throughout the home.

During Iesha’s time in The Home Connection program, she has worked hard on her parenting skills and creating a structured environment for her children. She has also learned to budget her expenses and is working on paying down her debt. She is currently going to tax preparation school to increase her job skills in preparation of working full time during tax season as a tax preparer. Iesha is also starting school part time in January in anticipation of finishing her bachelor’s degree in accounting in 2013.

It is Iesha’s dream to someday own her own home. Iesha is well on her way to achieve financial independence to make that dream become reality.