Mikki Stier of Broadlawns Has the Floor

Housing as a Community Health Asset

Mikki Stier of Broadlawns Has the Floor

When does a bus filled with community, business and affordable housing leaders include a medical hospital on its tour?  When those who organize it understand the impact of affordable housing on health. Broadlawns appreciated the opportunity to “board the bus” July 19 and talk about what is offered through our medical campus and how important quality, affordable housing is to us as a health care provider and an employer.

For decades the Center for Housing Policy has recognized and reported on the connection between housing and health. And for 92 years Broadlawns has seen firsthand how access, or lack of access, to safe, stable and affordable housing impacts the emotional and physical health of patients. 

That’s why caregivers are taking a holistic approach to health and seeking to uncover and get support services for non-medical issues that cause health problems such as poor housing conditions and frequent, unwanted moves, inability to buy nutritious food, and the stress of having to choose where to spend limited funds - rent/mortgage, food, health care or transportation?  

Like many employers, Broadlawns also works hard to attract and retain good employees.  We have a little over 1,000 employees and know that in addition to their wage and benefits, where they live is an important part of their decision and happiness.  As the largest employer on the north side of Des Moines, Broadlawns provides a strong economic presence and is committed to doing our part to help make our community a wonderful place to live.

We hope others recognize the impact of housing as a basic and important community health asset.  Whether you go on a bus tour to learn more, or find other ways to support affordable housing, know your interest is important to the PCHTF’s work to provide comprehensive planning, advocacy and funding for affordable housing.  Thank you.

Mikki Stier is a Senior Vice President at Broadlawns Medical Center and serves as a volunteer member of the PCHTF Marketing Committee.