Hotel Randolph to Close

Residents seek alternative housing

Hotel Randolph to Close

On August 26th, the Des Moines City Council gave approval for the city’s contribution to the redevelopment of the Hotel Randolph by Sherman and Associates, Inc.  This approval clears the way for Sherman’s purchase of the building, which includes the requirement that it be cleared of residents.

The Randolph Hotel currently houses a significant number of individuals who pay an average of $493.00 per month for a single room with a shared bath.  At last count 87 of the 117 rooms were occupied.  The last occupant census done in June 2013 by Primary Health Care revealed that most residents had one or more barriers to procuring alternative housing.

The City’s financial assistance to the redeveloper was conditioned in part on an agreement by Sherman to relocate the existing occupants.  Assisting Sherman will be Primary Health Care’s Outreach Staff.  PHC will first need need to update its June census since it appears occupancy has changed in the last 60 days.

PHC will complete a Housing Placement Plan for every occupant that desires services and relocation benefits. Occupants who do not wish to utilize case management services provided by PHC will be offered a Visa gift card. The goal of the Housing Placement Plan is to identify barriers and solutions for replacement housing. As part of the relocation plan, Sherman Associates has agreed to fund relocation costs and moving expenses for residents. Sherman Associates’ funding is flexible and is anticipated to be used for the following costs: utility arrears, first/last months’ rent, documentation reproduction, application fees, etc. PHC anticipates engaging the provider community to help relocate and provide specialized services to individuals.

The current goal is to have all residents relocated by October 24th to accommodate the closing on Sherman’s purchase on October 31st.