EMC Insurance gives Campaign a Boost

In-house resource leverages investment

EMC Insurance gives Campaign a Boost

The Can I Be Your Neighbor Campaign was launched about a month ago.  The campaign is directed toward educating the community about all of the advantages created by affordable housing.  Billboards, buses, print ads and radio are part of the marketing strategy.  All materials point to a dedicated campaign website with relevant graphics and information.

EMC Insurance made a financial commitment to sponsor one of the Campaign Neighbors.  It also decided to use its electronic employee communication to drive traffic to the CIBYN website.  Sean Pelletier, PCHTF Board member and EMC Foundation Executive Vice President reported, “Our intranet home page is called "eSource."  Each Monday our Communications Department sends out an "eSource Weekly" via company-wide email, and posts it on eSource.  We published a story about the campaign that included two imbedded links to the website.”

During the first month of the campaign emcins.com has been a significant referral source for the website.  On the Monday of publication there were over 40 distinct referrals from those EMC links.  The company leveraged its financial investment in the campaign with its internal resources to spread the word though its employees.  

Is your organization up for a challenge?  Let’s see which organization can be the next campaign booster.  Embed the campaign site link in any electronic publication and the site will count each referral.  Thanks for helping spread the word that affordable housing makes the community better.