Before & After

1415 - 23rd Street, Home, Inc.

Before & After

HOME, Inc.’s mission is to create opportunities for quality affordable housing.  It accomplishes its mission by providing a variety of programs ranging from housing counseling and supportive services to development of affordable housing. Pam Carmichael, HOME, Inc’s Executive Director describes HOME, Inc.’s development activities as “putting together a jig saw puzzle.    You have to have all the pieces placed in the right order to complete the picture.”

HOME, Inc.’s most recent project at 1415 23rd Street illustrates her point. Over the past two years, the City of Des Moines and the Polk County Housing Trust Fund with its non-profit housing partners have diligently worked to improve the area of 23rdStreet and Forest Avenue.

Greater Des Moines Habitat for Humanity built three homes on 23rd Street and Anawim Housing built eight town homes on Forest Avenue.  In between the two projects was a foreclosed property that had been cut up into four small apartments.  The Drake Neighborhood Association and the City were concerned that the property would sit vacant or purchased by an absentee owner.  HOME, Inc. responded to the need by purchasing the property.

When Dan Caffrey, HOME, Inc.’s Property Manager, inspected the property he just shook his head.  The idea of downsizing the property was rejected due to structural and system issues. HOME, Inc. decided to remove the property and build a new home. New construction would not only require less “gap funding” but would also be easier and less costly to maintain for future owners.  HOME, Inc. adapted one of its existing designs so the house so it was compatible with the older homes in the Drake area.

The new two story four-square with four bedrooms and two baths will be ready for occupancy in a couple of months. Families have already submitted applications to purchase the unit.  Once completed, HOME, Inc. will move on to River Bend Neighborhood where we plan to build modestly priced housing that conforms to the guidelines on of the historic 9th Street Corridor.

More pictures of this house can be found HERE.