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Neighborhood Spotlight - River Bend

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Anawim Housing has homes in neighborhoods all over the Des Moines metro: south side, northeast side and in central Des Moines. Each neighborhood has its own personality, character and history. In each neighborhood, Anawim Housing homes strive to adhere to the character of the neighborhood – building or renovating to keep the cohesion of the neighborhood. Anawim Housing has 18 properties that provide homes for 60 families in the River Bend neighborhood – an area with historic background. These 60 Anawim homes in the River Bend area range in age and design from a Queen-Anne style home built in 1880 to a multi-family building constructed in 1906 to a single family home built in 2002. In renovating these homes, Anawim Housing paid special attention to details that kept the appeal of the neighborhood while still making homes livable for tenant families.

“At Anawim Housing, we are sensitive to each neighborhood, recognizing that each is unique. We make every effort to have our houses remain true to their surroundings,” says Russ Frazier, Anawim Housing President.

Through renovations that still keep the charm, Anawim Housing is helping to improve communities throughout the metro while maintaining their distinct character. Each house that is saved and renovated is another house that is cared for, another house that the neighborhood can feel proud of, another house a family calls home.

“We have partnered with Anawim Housing on a few projects and we appreciate that the historic homes they own are well taken care of,” says Aaron Todd, Vice-President of the River Bend Neighborhood Association and co-founder of the 6th Avenue Corridor organization. “Anawim fulfills a great need for affordable housing, offering a service that is desperately needed for houses that are safe and nice for people to live in.” 

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