Before & After

Union Park Neighborhood

Before & After

This property, located in the Union Park Neighborhood, was transformed thanks to Rebuilding Together and the corporate work team of Ryan Companies. The results were dramatic and the homeowners, who have had more than their fair share of misfortune, were most appreciative.

Teams of volunteers converge on homes and properties in need of TLC, construction and repair the first Saturday in May, which is Rebuilding Together Day. In this particular case it took 30 volunteers working two days.

The homeowners of this property had the misfortune of their home being flooded twice and received no FEMA assistance because they did not know where to turn or who to ask for help. (They are Korean and speak no English.)

They also have an adult son who has an intellectual disability and goes to Easter Seals during the day. The father worked for Windsor Windows for 17 years before retiring and is now disabled and the mother is diabetic.

 The repairs done to their home included – clean up of yard debris, installation of handicap accessible handrails in the basement and bathroom, repair of bathroom caulking, repair of kitchen sink, replacement of  broken windows and repair of roof – just to name a few of the projects. 

To learn more about your opportunity to help transform a home and provide much needed repairs and assistance, visit, a Polk County Housing Trust Fund supported organization.


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