A Top 12 Ways List

Collective Impact

A Top 12 Ways List

Happy Anniversaryand thank you for being a reader of the Power Solutions eNewsletter.  In celebration of our twelfth month of production, we created a Top 12 Ways list on how each of us can be part of the collective impact for providing safe, stable and affordable housing.

1.      Get physical.  Grab some work gloves and become a Habitat volunteer

2.      Be contagious.  Make your property neat and tidy and your neighbors will be more likely to do the same.

3.      Thank a donor.  Is your employer a donor?  Write a thank you note to your very smart CEO.  If not, encourage their consideration.

4.      Lend a hand.  Be part of the 17thAnnual Rebuilding Together Day May 5th. 

5.      Get help. Do you or someone you know qualify for FREE home repairs and property improvements?  Take a look.

6.      Go for a ride.  Register today for the next Affordable Housing Bus Tour Oct. 19th.

7.      Need a matchmaker?  Rebuilding Together and Habitat will find just the right project for you, your friends and colleagues.

8.      Be a leader.  Join a committee for any of our five providers.

9.      Write a letter.  Your state representative helps determine allocations of funding for affordable housing. Let them know it’s important to you that the funding continues.

10.  Attend a meeting. Whether you are part of a homeowners association or simply an informal group – make plans to attend and participate in meetings to make your neighborhood the best it can be.

11.  Write a check.  Individual donations to our five providers are critical to helping meet their missions.

12.  Share the love.  Forward this eNewsletter to others and encourage them to learn more about the impact of providing safe, stable and affordable housing.

Top 12 List