2010/11 Operating and Supportive Service Report Card

Congratulations to our Provider Partners

2010/11 Operating and Supportive Service Report Card

Every funding organization wants to be sure that its dollars are used to meet its mission in the community and to maximize the results.  The PCHTF is no different.  Each year, when providers apply for new Operating and Supportive Service dollars they are required to list the provider agency’s goals for the coming twelve months and the method by which success will be measured.

Through discussions with the OSS Committee and PCHTF staff those goals might be revised or refined.  However, before the first funding check is written there is a clear understanding with the providers as to what outcomes are expected for the coming year.  Our provider partners deserve credit for the courage to set meaningful and lofty goals.  They recognize that 100% is not a sign of success but of not reaching far enough.

We are always interested in compiling prior year results.  This year the PCHTF congratulates its provider partners on the following successes.  In the year that ended 6/30/2011 the total number of measureable goals and objectives for all funded programs was 62.  The following are examples of 2010/11 goals and objectives:

·         Increasing the number of Shelter Plus Care Beds in the community by 10%.

·         Improve outcomes for clients (measured by post testing results) enrolled in educational workshops on housing personal finance.

·         Provide an additional opportunity to move a family from Transitional Housing to homeownership.

·         Partner with a suburban community to obtain approval of a LIHTC project.

·         Increase by 50% the number of households involved the Rapid-Rehousing Program.

Through a system of measurements the PCHTF has assessed the success rate for these goals.  For the period ending 6/30/11 it was 88.5%. Congratulations to our five provider partners on a successful year.  Looking forward to next year you have identified 54 goals and objectives.  All are at least as robust as last year.  We’ll look forward to the August 2012 report on results.