1,750 Households Served

Results from our 2018 Stable, Steady, Strong Campaign

1,750 Households Served

A stronger economy begins at home. 

Next month, the Polk County Housing Trust Fund kicks off our annual campaign. The funds generated in this campaign provide critical programs and services for our community’s most vulnerable population. These services provide residents with greater resources to secure and maintain safe, stable and affordable living situations. Not only does this funding impact the lives of thousands of Polk County residents, it also impacts our economy. Here’s how:

  • Educational programs provide the foundation for stable housing.
  • Employees who enjoy the comfort of stable housing tend to be a more productive and steady workforce.
  • A steady workforce is crucial to a strong economy in which everyone benefits.

Each year, programs supported by PCHTF make a measurable difference in the lives of 4,500 residents. We think our Stable, Steady, Strong 2018 results speak for themselves:

  • 4,899 Polk County residents served
  • 2,513 children under the age of 18
  • 2,386 adults
  • 136 veterans
  • 1,750 households served
  • 843 families headed by women
  • 1,267 extremely low income families
  • 893 households moved from homelessness to housing
  • 1,121 households stayed in their homes for over two years

Your support of Stable, Steady, Strong 2019 can make a difference – in the lives of area residents, in the growth of neighborhoods, in the productivity of employees and in the growing strength of our local economy.

For more information on making a donation or becoming involved, please contact Tracy Levine. tlevine@pchtf.org or call 515-282-3233