Anawim Housing

Anawim Housing

At Anawim Housing, we do not believe Homes are optional, we believe that they are the foundation of every family and each individual’s success. Whether someone rents — such as the Anawim Housing Tenants do — or someone owns their place, home is home. Everyone deserves a place that is more than “good enough” but a place that they love, a place where they can thrive, a place they can call home. In order to promote sustainability of home, our tenants are required to earn a certain income, pay a security deposit and sign a lease. In turn we provide access to supportive services through our Family Advocacy Program.

Home is the place where morals and life lessons are first taught, it is the place in which children daydream about their futures and study for the present. It is the place where adults come home and relax after working long hours to provide for their families. Home is where our stories begin and Anawim Housing makes it our mission to ensure that those stories get off to a good start. All of our specific goals and outcomes feed into that philosophy. Every decision we make, large or small has to answer the question — are we fulfilling our mission and on an even bigger scale, are we continuing the strong legacy that was started for us by a few people with big plans.

And so, while our services and business model are complex — housing is a complicated initiative — our goals are simple. For More than 24 years, Anawim Housing has provided affordable and desirable homes for mothers, children, families, the homeless, so that they can gain stability and our community can gain strength.

To us, Home is Everything and to over 1,200 people, Anawim Housing is Home.

Anawim Housing

Anawim Housing develops and manages affordable and desirable homes

  • Our portfolio includes town homes, single-family homes, duplexes and multi-family apartment buildings.
  • By the end of 2013, the total number of units will be 330.
  • That is 330 families who, without Anawim Housing would not have a place to call home.

Shelter Plus Care and Rapid Rehousing programs

  • Anawim Housing also leases an additional 180+ apartments scattered throughout Des Moines to homeless individuals and families who normally would not qualify to rent a place to live in our community.

Anawim Housing

Rental Management and Consulting on Affordable Housing projects

  • We provide this service for other organizations in Central Iowa
  • Through this work by Anawim Housing an additional 100 families have a home.

Household Statistics - 2013

  • # of Households 610
  • # of Adults 756
  • # of Children under 18 1,021
  • # of people served total in 2013 1,777
  • # of families - single mother household 389
  • # of families stable in home for >1 year 263

Since 2006...

PCHTF has provided $3,052,675 in support for projects and services of Anawin Housing.