Application Instructions

Polk County Housing Trust Fund Fiscal Year 2012/13

The Polk County Housing Trust Fund (PCHTF) provides financial assistance to organizations that work to increase or preserve the inventory of affordable housing units in Polk County and/or provide services that assist individuals and families obtain and retain those units. THE PCHTF PROVIDES ONLY LIMITED DIRECT FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE TO INDIVIDUALS. If you are an individual, use this link for more information.


The PCHTF provides OSS assistance to non-profit providers whose services help clients obtain and retain affordable housing. Monies that fund OSS programs are raised by the Polk County Housing Trust Fund from area businesses and foundations. Organizations receiving OSS allocations must meet specific PCHTF guidelines, including agreeing to a Non-solicitation and Recognition Policy adopted by the PCHTF Board of Directors.

In analyzing those organizations and programs eligible for funding the PCHTF places high value on the following four principles:

  • Utilizing existing resources for affordable housing programs in a coordinated and cost-effective way to maximize their effectiveness.
  • Developing partnerships that utilize strategies to share resources to promote effectiveness of limited monies.
  • Attracting and leveraging additional funds to sustain the organization and program over time.
  • Increasing the number of individuals and families maintaining permanent affordable housing over time.

For an Application and applicable due dates follow this link.


The Polk County Housing Trust Fund (PCHTF) is a qualified Local Housing Trust Fund defined in Iowa law. Because of this qualification it is allowed to receive and allocate state and county tax dollars to increase the number of affordable housing units in Polk County. Each fiscal year the PCHTF adopts a Housing Allocation Plan (HAP) that announces funding availability for specific development activity. The HAP is the result of a process that identifies community inventory needs and gaps. In addition, the Development Committee and Board of Directors establish guidelines for allocation of the funds that further target specific development activities. The current Housing Allocation Plan and guidelines can be found here. Application deadlines are also noted on the HAP. Housing Allocation Plans for the coming fiscal year are adopted by the PCHTF Board of Directors in June of each year, effective the following July 1st. Applications for specific development activity are found here.

If you have questions concerning any specific funding category you can contact Lori Kauzlarich, Associate Director at 515-282-3233 or by email.